Dean Martin

Did you know that Dean Martin owned 10% interest in the Riviera Hotel and Casino? From 1969 to 1972, Dean Martin worked and at times lived in the Riviera.  He even had his own lounge called Dino's Den.

Fun Facts:

-Dean had a terrible fear of elevators, so his personal suite was located on the second floor of the Riviera.  He could walk up and down without use of the elevator.

-Martin was known to meet and greet with high rollers on the gaming floor.  The casino host would let him know when they had a big whale on the gaming floor.  Dean would hang out and take pictures with them.

-One night a casino host brought some players into Dino's Dean to meet Dean. Martin was hanging out with Frank Sinatra that night.  It's rumored that the following happened.  Dean offered to take a photo with them and Frank was seated in the background.  When the camera flashed, Sinatra erupted in anger because he thought they were trying to take a picture of him.  Dean turned around and told Frank to calm down because no one want a picture of his ugly mug.  

-Sinatra never once came to see Dean Martin perform at the Riviera.  

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